The action

IMG_2309Placing all the macro colored swatches entail lots of group interaction. A good open discussion, with a critical point of view. Each color swatch deliver a good quantity of significance: shape meaning, color properties, fading, patterns, balance…

A great test for all of us, the group responded very well.

A great thanks to all our participants:
Luca Buttafava, Alessandro Confalonieri with the supervision of Hugo Gilberto Pérez, Marìa Bustamante Harfush and Gladys Buenavista Flores.
Students: Carlos Alvarez Flores, Jessica Banuelos Galarza, David Alejandro Barajas Barròn, Ulises Castillo Vellecillo, Yamilet Carlos Lobato, David Cruz Cavillo, Javier Diego Cruz Campos, Rodrigo de la Vega Yànez, Orlanda Fuentes Robles, Leopoldo Ordaz Chàvez, Minerva Ortiz Ornelad, Tania Pinto Aguilar, Kevin Rodriguez Figueroa, Fabiàan Suàrez, FernandoTrinidad Ernìquez and Aldair Vizcaìno Màrquez.




Starting the workshop

IMG_2270Finally the action. First we re-clusterized all the macro pictures in color groups. Grays, brown grays, light and dark grays, whites, yellowish color, oranges, turquoises that are so mexican, from purples to pinkish artifacts, greens and blues combination and patches of colors… potholes, tarmac, facades, windows, graffitis, painted walls, painted typographies, roads, pedestrian walks, signals, signposts, posts, holes, broken parts…




Mapping the color of Tacubaya

G3_C_GRAFFITI02Positioning carefully each color swatch To obtain a map that present the Tacubaya identity. Details that normally people don’t perceive in a chaotic daily life pattern, especially in Mexico City were million of people move constantly on cars. Tacubaya is a great area squeezed between motorways, bridges and tunnels, an area absorbed by the municipality of Mexico City that still has its own identity.