Sense the Place format

IMG_8866Intersezioni presented #sensetheplace research guidelines. How to observe and capture what an urban context can express in terms of artifacts. How to take pictures: contextual and macro. Why we take a picture of an artifact.

Grouping the participants with assigned tasks. Understanding the area. Checking equipment.

The day was great, lots of sunshine and great color to caught!



Lecture on design thinking

IMG_8812Intersezioni gave a talk on design process, bringing some cases about design research techniques, user centered research, co-design, envisioning scenarios, constructing ideas. How design driven process can help companies to innovate internal rapports as well as their products and services.


The second part of the lecture saw Maria Bustamante of Fundarqmix Studio presenting the Tacubaya district from its cultural and historical position in Mexico City.



Exif_JPEG_PICTUREI underline the study of color above all.

Luis Barragàn
Architect Luis Barragan (1902 – 1988) was not afraid of color.  In fact he liked color in huge expanses and interesting patterns, all juxtaposed with shifting angles and light. He was a man of magenta and cobalt blue, adobe walls, lattices of warm summer yellow, sunset pink alcoves, all on a grand architectural scale.  His vivid sensuous color, space and utilization of light was a bold mix of Mexican and European style born of his well traveled life.



Tacubaya district, Casa Barragàn, Mexico City

casa_luis_barragan_alr_1191bThe three days #sensetheplace workshop will start in the heart of Tacubaya district in front of an architecture masterpiece, the Casa Barràgan, a fantastic setup for a project like this. Feelings are already impressive, there is a great sense of color around this area. Thanks to Arqms Studio and Fundarqmx Studio and to the Casa Barragàn Foundation we will settle here to deeply discover the characteristic of this area.

Casa Barragàn


workshop @Abierto Mexicano de Diseño in Mexico City

IMG_9470Sense the Place is going to be in Mexico City for the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño festival from the 12th to the 16th of November with a workshop that will take place in Taqubaya district. 

The theme of this year is going to be “Process”. Intersezioni will hold a lecture on design thinking and will direct the workshop with Hugo Gilberto Pérez of Arqms Studio and Maria Bustamante of Fundarqmx.

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A talk and an exhibition

fot01Milan 4th of October 2011

In the beginning of October Intersezioni organized an exhibition including a chat/conference about the Sense the Place project, featuring Cino Zucchi (architect), Luca Molinari (architect and editor), Giorgio Chiarello (architect) and Camilla Barone (semiologist).
The exhibition was also hosting the original map of the Sense the Place project with a dimensions of five meters by two.